why do I dance?

I have checked possibly all positive questions on why I dance until when I was standing by my gate one day and saw some kids dancing but something was off and that was of and that is they were all finding it hard to get the routine right so I stepped closer to them and asked if I could help them out but they hesitated and I did what I know how to do best and they got so happy and that was how I knew my reasons for dancing


shows organization

A show to be held on the 30th September ,so the show is about a dance competition and a peagentary competition for the crown of miss new karu and also the venue will be on the photo above

And beauty must not be the barrier you musn’t be beautiful to be a queen and being a queen is from the heart and I urge ladies to be bold and participate in this show and also urge everyone to be‚Äč there .

Don’t be told about the fun because is gonna be overwhelming ,so be there and don’t be told about it.